Pleasure and beauty


Why do we create a garden? The choice is often driven by the need to reinstate areas that have been ruined by construction work.

But why should we invest in works that produce no obvious immediate benefit? What benefit is there to having a garden? Imagine relaxing under the boughs of a tree or in a gazebo, diving into the clear blue water of a swimming pool, or inviting friends over to dine under the stars, the pleasure of walking on a lawn covered with morning dew or picking fruit from your own trees and eating it with your nearest and dearest.

The pleasure of living is the real reason why it is so important to have a beautiful garden.

The garden is what ensures you get the best from your home.


We all have our own idea of what beauty means, a personal feeling that guides our choices when deciding which things best reflect our lifestyle. A large house, an elegant car, or exclusive clothing are all things we can dream of having for ourselves and our loved ones. So why wouldn’t we attach just as much importance to our immediate surroundings. Why not live in a relaxing or romantic natural setting with your family and friends that enables everyone to leave the stress of everyday life “outside”.

At FLM, we are here to help make this dream come true and your world unique.

Water and fire


“Clear, fresh, sweet waters” wrote Petrarch, the scholar and poet of Renaissance Italy, implying that nowhere else could his soul find peace. Water has always naturally represented peace, tranquillity, freshness and purity on a spiritual level. Despite the changes in life and our lifestyles, a stream, pond or swimming pool still represents something magical and desirable.

We can help you create any type of water feature you desire. Whether you dream of swimming pools and natural swimming pools, artificial streams, ponds, fountains and waterfalls, or jacuzzies in your garden or any other water concept to enhance your world with clear, fresh water, we have the solution.


Fire, a primeval emotion shared by generations of people. An evening sitting by a real fire listening to the delightful crackle of wood while relaxing and chatting with friends, enjoying a romantic moment in a gazebo or sharing a barbeque at a family gathering.

Contact us and we can help you create the perfect corner of your garden for any type of fire and experience the same age-old sensations of bygone times that are an intrinsic part of each one of us.

Wood and stone


The elements given to us by Mother Nature are the same elements that we at FLM like to use when recreating the landscape in your garden. Even on own their own stones and rocks can furnish a garden and make it unique, and we carefully study and choose those which are native to your area, so the garden has a more natural feel and any “manmade” additions blend with existing surroundings, giving the impression that they have always been there. This is the best way to ensure we achieve the desired result.

Nature is always the most elegant gardener. Rock gardens, paths, walls, curbs, paving, pergolas and furniture created with stone never fail to add an authentic touch of elegance to your garden.

Contact us and we will help you find the best way to create an inimitable space that is uniquely yours.


Our most popular material, wood has been used in gardens for everything since time immemorial. It has an innate ornamental quality whether crafted by man or shaped by nature, which warps and smooths it into unique one-off pieces. Pergolas, fences, gates, sheds and all types of furniture are often made with wood as it is the natural material par excellence. This also means that it wears over time so proper maintenance is essential to keep it at its best.

Nothing is more pleasing to the touch or to the eye than a piece crafted with fine quality wood. Its fragrance, solid yet graceful presence and rustic appearance are unique pleasures appreciated by everyone.

Furniture and lighting


A beautiful garden is not complete without those essential accessories that enable us to use and enjoy it, such as tables and chairs, fireplaces and barbecues, pergolas and chaises longues and any other type of furniture that helps you live life to the full in the garden. Choose from modern or classic designs to seamlessly blend in with and complement your garden’s style and features.

Ask us how you can best furnish your green space, and marvel at how together we can transform a beautiful garden into your perfect garden.


The evening is the time when we truly appreciate all the advantages of outdoor life. Soft lighting glowing through the tops of the trees is a wonderful way to change the vision of your garden, creating a magical, more intimate look and feel like you have never seen before. When you come home at night, the right lighting on your drive and path to your door ensures security with a touch of personality and style.

Our technicians work with leading electrical engineering companies to create innovative or traditional solutions that transform your garden into a paradise you can also enjoy by night.

Conservatories e Tree houses

Conservatories are a fantastic way to get more from your garden. These glazed steel, aluminium or wooden constructions enable you to enjoy time in the garden in any season while protected from cold and inclement weather. Whether designed in a classic or hi-tech style, a conservatory adds a multipurpose room with unique features to your house, creating an essential part of both the home and garden. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the chance to enjoy an extra space where you can spend time in the garden all year round?

Another innovative and increasingly popular solution is a treehouse. These are not the little wooden huts in a tree that we dreamed of having as a child; these are well-constructed buildings that offer more freedom in the garden and a way to experience it from another point of view.

We highly recommend this new garden trend and would be happy to build one for you.

Major works

Creating green spaces as part of major projects, such as shopping centres, residential areas, hotels, sports centres or environmental reclamation, is an important and worthy initiative implemented by using the latest environmentally sound engineering techniques.

This type of work is highly specialised and requires specialist skills, even though this sometimes may not be immediately apparent to the untrained eye.

For decades FLM Parks & Gardens has successfully completed projects where green spaces need to blend flawlessly with constructions and represent the best “business card” for the build.

At FLM, our technical team, staff, machinery and equipment have both the potential and expertise to carry out any type of project on time whatever the size and always to the client’s complete satisfaction.

Green spaces were frequently considered something of secondary importance compared with any construction, especially in the past. But now people understand that when landscaping is well designed, it can actually determine the success of a new build. If a residence sits well in the surrounding vegetation, it will be better appreciated and preferred over another built on too much concrete and tarmac. It is well known that if a shopping centre car park features bushes and trees, it attracts more visitors as shoppers prefer to park in the shade and enjoy the view of a thriving, well-maintained garden. Fortunately, this concept is gaining popularity which means more chances to enjoy a pleasant setting while benefiting from more customers and an immediate financial return.

Matching the client’s interests with the end result is often a tricky task, but at FLM we have years of experience, so we know exactly how to combine beauty and success.

No job too big!

Whether quick and easy or lengthy and complicated, FLM Parks & Gardens has the expertise and resources to tackle any type of project, even those which may initially seem impossible. Transplanting oversized trees, transporting plants to tricky locations that are inaccessible by traditional means, and creating green spaces in conditions seemingly unviable from many points of views does not faze us because we have tried and tested our sophisticated, cutting-edge techniques over the years so that we can successfully undertake these difficult challenges.

If you need to work in extreme conditions, call in FLM and we will prove that we are as good as our word.