Care and maintenance


Proper regular maintenance by expert gardeners is essential for the wellbeing of any garden, park or terrace. All care and maintenance should be carried out at the right time of year for the plants to keep them healthy and in tiptop condition.

At FLM, we can also assist you with this important task and ensure your garden always looks exactly how you wish.

A team of expert gardeners keeps your plants and flowers healthy, so your garden can flourish and be enjoyed for years to come.

The right equipment

Our modern gardening equipment is regularly upgraded and serviced by experts. This means that FLM can work quickly with minimum disruption and a low environmental impact to resolve the age-old problem of how to care for your garden. Maintenance ensures that your garden is always perfectly neat and tidy, leaving you free to savour the pleasure of enjoying it in the warmer weather when the plants and flowers are at their best.

Our partners

Reliable with cutting-edge technology and the right solution for every job

One of the advantages of being in the business for so many years is that we only select 100% trusted partners who guarantee we have the best quality materials and equipment to get the job done. Gardening equipment, seeds, fertilisers, compost and everything we need for maintenance is carefully selected from the best names that today’s market has to offer, which ensures that we at FLM can continue to uphold the high standards of professionalism with which we have built a successful business for nearly sixty years.


(self-propelled lawnmowers)
(strimmers, chainsaws, etc.)
(aerial platforms, earthmoving machinery)
(lawn seed)
(compost and peat)
(materials for irrigation systems)
(timers for irrigation systems)
(mini excavators, earthmoving machinery)
(green roofing systems)