The first “Floricoltura Lago Maggiore” (now known as FLM Parks & Gardens) nursery was built in 1960 in Cerro di Laveno where the climate and land are ideal for growing plants and shrubs.

Since then the success of FLM has enabled us to considerably expand the areas dedicated to cultivating plants and build more nurseries.

When growing our plants we always use our expertise to go to extreme lengths to ensure they tolerate the stress of being transplanted to wherever needed so they can thrive successfully and to the customer’s satisfaction. FLM Parks & Gardens has always favoured a combination of traditional growing methods and the latest, most advanced cultivation techniques.

Keen gardeners and professional horticulturists alike can find plants and shrubs of all sizes from tiny seedlings to enormous centuries-old specimens at our nurseries.

Vivaio Cerro di Laveno (VA)

Vivaio Cocquio Trevisago (VA)

Our nurseries also stock all the plants that typically grow around the large lakes in Lombardy, such as azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias, etc., acers, woodland plants and conifers of all sizes, even well-established centuries-old trees. Visit our nurseries when the camellias and rhododendrons and in bloom (call us to book an appointment).

Specimen plants


FLM founder Giovanni Piffaretti had a great passion for growing and tending camellias. This passion lives on today in the large collection of species and varieties of camellias and rhododendrons in the heart of our nurseries on the hills overlooking Lake Maggiore. We have hundreds of specimens in countless varieties and colours, some of which we have selected over our long history. Thanks to our history and tradition, our collection of camellias has gained us recognition as one of the producers who understands better than most the charm and beauty of this flower.

Decades of research and hard work have gone into creating our collection of camellias and rhododendrons, which you can visit at our nurseries in Cerro di Laveno.

FLM has hosted an official visit by the International Camelia Society and many other visits by collectors and enthusiasts from every corner of the world. Our collection enables many camellia shows to be held every year as these are supplied with plants and flowers grown by FLM in our nurseries.