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Our history

Floricoltura Lago Maggiore (now known as FLM Parks & Gardens) was started in 1960 by Giovanni Piffaretti where a large nursery still operates today specialising in growing impressive specimens of the plants that typically grow around the Lombardy lakes. The nursery stands on the hills above Lake Maggiore with views of Monte Rosa, the Borromeo islands, Stresa and Pallanza, all magical places where visitors can marvel at some of Italy’s most interesting parks and gardens. This culturally rich environment sparked a passion in Giovanni Piffaretti which his successors still keep alive by following the noble art of growing ornamental plants with a special interest in camellias and rhododendrons. FLM Parks & Gardens has since become a successful modern business that welcomes all creative concepts, the most innovative ideas and the boldest technological solutions.

Expertise, reliability and guaranteed results form the foundation of our relationship with everyone who works with us.

By working solidly for nearly sixty years, we have amassed a wealth of experience in creating spaces with every style and format of garden and greenery. Our top-notch technical staff provide the highest standards of expertise and professionalism so FLM can assist customers with the ideal solutions to any problems involved in creating and managing parks and private gardens, green public spaces, residential complexes, tourist resorts, and sports facilities. Raising awareness about horticulture and sharing the knowledge have always been driving factors in the company’s philosophy.
FLM has an extensive range of machinery and cutting-edge professional equipment plus specialist teams of gardeners with unrivalled experience and skill that enables them to easily work anywhere in Italy or abroad to provide a turnkey product guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding customer. To help our customers design their green spaces, FLM Parks & Gardens works with leading Italian and foreign landscape designers.
Over the years FLM has delivered countless prestigious projects, including large shopping centres, residential complexes, tourist resorts, and sports facilities, upgrading or restoring historic parks, and providing solutions for the events and gardens of illustrious figures from the worlds of finance, fashion and Italian and foreign industry in Italy and all around the world.